Aura Powder (of) Oz…

I was searching for light and got lost in the fog I presaged some darkness and thus lost my love   This is the law of attraction, my law with affection.   This is why I started writing this blog. And this is why I stopped for a long time.   This is why I […]


Kosmotheoria 2017 jsy (totally unfinished), Assembly of Stateless Stones forming Wrong Questions Mark, Silently censored Johann Gottfried Herder Book ” Humankind and History” from 1935 with empty pages throning on driftwood given dried flowers corresponding to brothers books representing similar characteristics in temporarily so-called utopian or literate feeling and/or thinking from other times and/or dimensions: […]


Attemption Alpha Table made of injured windows from neglected cottage and rotten olive oil cans carrying: the plant that got the informated water last year survived autumn, winter and spring and awaited me on Kefalonia. I planted her in a  pot, so she could live another round. Her sister had died. I had no words […]


Hölderlin´s Hyperion finally travelled to Greece 220 years after it had been published in Germany, bedded on a neglected rose coloured window and two olive-oil cans found in garbage, flowerbouquet of one red rose and wild blackberries, Fallen Angel Trumpets from the Garden of Sophia, Empty Handbound Leather Book to be filled in This Time […]


 Exhibition Plan. (Ionion Center for the Arts and Cultures. Kefalonia. Summer) 2017 (Totally unfinished March of Million Question Marks forming a) World View  (in China Ink on Canvas 200×200 cm. Detail. Berlin. Winter) 2017 Berlin Winter Notebookquote of William Blake on Broken Lantern Window. 2017


FOR SOPHIE, THE SEA(S) AND ALL ANTHROPOGONOS PLANET OKEANOS As for these times My humankind I need to say I lack the words So let me use my brothers ones: We called the Earth One Flower of the Sky. The Sky we called the Infinite Garden of Life. Like Roses rejoice in tiny golden dust, […]

Abraxas Painful Oktagon

Kefalonia is not an Island. She is a person. Named after Cephalus.   This is what she looks like and this is what she feels like. She is a wild and angry person and not only that… She is transforming love and pain constantly.   Last year I came here to speak to the Ocean […]